Flathead Snowmobile Association is

hosting this year.

We will have a combined event MSA’s Annual Riding Convention and Awards along with the  Trans-Montana Charity Ride auction for NAMI.  For information on our Trans-Montana Charity ride go to: www.trans-montana.org

Check out NAMI’s website for all the great work that they are doing.    http://www.namimt.org/

January 30, 2021

County Fairgrounds, Kalispell

Jan 29 (Friday): 
TMR Riders Arrive in Kalispell (2 nights)!
– Meet and Greet
– 5PM MSA Board Meeting (all members welcome)
– 6PM Drinks and hors d oeuvres in the Vendor Display Area (come see all the latest gear)
– 7PM Keynote Speaker: Flathead Avalanche Center
Jan 30 (Saturday):
​TMR Day 1  &  MSA Ride
– Ride the Flathead Area guided by the Flathead Snowmobile Club
– TMR and MSA Banquet & Awards Ceremony
– Silent Auction
– Live Auction
– Stay in Kalispell (2nd night)
Jan 31 (Sunday):
TMR Day 2
– Ride the Seeley Lake area guided by the Seeley Lake Driftriders
– Travel to Lolo Hot Springs resort for the night
Feb 1 (Monday):
TMR Day 3
– Ride the Lolo area guided by the Missoula Snowmobile Club​
– Travel to Wisdom for the night
Feb 2 (Tuesday):
TMR Day 4
– Ride the Wisdom area Guided by the Big Hole Snowmobile Club
– Travel to Dillon for the night
Feb 3 (Wednesday):
TMR Day 5
– Ride the Dillon area guided by the Dillon Snowmobile Club
– Travel to Ennis for the night
Feb 4 (Thursday):
​TMR Day 6
– Short morning drive down to West Fork and Ride with the Virginia City Club
– Drive to West Yellowstone for the night
– Rider Award Banquet and Awards hosted by the Yellowstone Chamber of Commerce

Feb 5 (Friday):
TMR Ride is over – Time to head home (or stay and ride more!)
Note: Schedule is subject to change and dependent on weather and snow conditions.


  • The Blackfoot Clearwater Land Grab (BCSA) will designate an additional 80,000 acres of wilderness and stop all uses except foot and horseback.
  • Every year due to the forest plans and new designations we lose access to recreate on our public lands.
  • 67% of Federal public lands in Montana are closed or restricted in some way for mechanized and motorized use.
  • Total available federally managed public land in Montana is 17,172,138 acres (according to Forest service and BLM data.)
  • Only 6% of the population use 11,295,509 acres, these lands are not managed and allowed to burn by policy.
  • 3,433,038 acres of Wilderness 6,290,437 of roadless area
  • 1,572,094 acres of RMAs and WSAs (Fraudulent Wilderness)
  • 94% of the population can only use 5,876,569 acres of that over 17 million acres.
  • In the Seeley Lake Ranger district there are over 1000 miles of hiking and equestrian trails but less than 1 mile of Mechanized use trails See a Pattern? This is a huge imbalance for outdoor recreationalists.
  • From a previous non-bias survey, 52% of Montanans oppose any additional wilderness or restrictions in Montana’s National Forests. Only 32% support additional Wilderness or restrictions. (https:tinyurl.com/ yx927pen)
  • The push for this additional wilderness is funded by out of state donors visit www.greendecoys.com
  • Call Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines, let them know we have enough wilderness and to Stop the Blackfoot Clearwater Land Grab (BCSA).
Senator Jon Tester: 406-723-3277 or email him at his website tester.senate.gov
Senator Steve Daines: 406-587-3446 or
email him at his website daines.senate.gov  

Press Release from Ed Klim

Facts About Snowmobiling – 2019
Haslett, MI, September 26, 2019: As we begin the 2019-20 snowmobiling
season, we thought you may be interested in the following facts while you are preparing to
go ride this season:

  1. Snowmobilers come in all ages. The average snowmobiler however, is 45 years old.
  2. The average snowmobile snowmobiler last season rode 1,500 miles / 2,414 kilometers ( a
    20% increase in ridership compared to 2018.) The number of miles ridden, on average, is
    dependent on snow cover, so we will see if Mother Nature brings us more days of snow for
    riding this season.
  3. Many snowmobilers belong to a club and participate in many of their club’s events. Clubs
    hold great riding events, great parties, and are made up of wonderful people that become
    great friends. Join a club and have a great time!!!
  4. About 50% of the people that snowmobile, trailer their snowmobile to their riding area. The
    other 50% ride from their home or cabin.
  5. Snowmobiling is a family friendly activity. Most of all those responding to surveys report that
    they snowmobile with family and with friends and with club members.
  6. Snowmobilers are outdoor recreationists all year around. Following is a list of recreational
    activities that snowmobilers participate in when they aren’t out riding:
    60% go ATV Riding
    57% go Camping
    54% go Fishing
    53% go Boating
    Page 2 Facts About Snowmobiling – 2019
    38% go Hunting
    35% go Hiking
    32% go Motorcycle Riding
    26% go Golfing
    17% go Personal Watercraft Riding
    15% go Downhill Skiing
    15% do other recreational Activities
    Yes, we are a year around active group!
  7. Approximately 79% of the snowmobilers are male.
  8. Snowmobilers are a big part of the winter economic engine by spending an average of
    $3349 each year going snowmobiling, traveling to their snowmobiling spot, and food,
    gas, and lodging. In many places of North America, snowmobilers pay the bills for
    people involved in the Winter Tourism Industries and related businesses.
  9. To help snowmobilers promote their sport, the snowmobile manufacturers have created
    a number of supporting communication tools.
    a. We have created a Dropbox where interested individuals can access the most
    current family friendly snowmobile photos. (Just click on this link:
    Pa?dl=0 ) We encourage people to use these photos in the development of trail
    maps, advertising pieces, or just flyers supporting a snowmobiling activity. The photos are free and can be used in promoting recreation family snowmobiling. b. Also, ISMA has created a Facebook page www.Facebook.com/GoSnowmobiling . If you are on Facebook and want to see snowmobiling posts, please FOLLOW our page. You can also share your snowmobiling pictures, events, etc. on our page and they will be viewed by followers from around the world! c. We have two websites: www.snowmobile.org and www.gosnowmobiling.org that contain a lot of information, links, downloadable materials, etc. to help support you and educate you on key issues related to snowmobiling and help you better know the activities going on. Our websites are connected to other websites around the world including all of the United States and Canadian State and Provincial Snowmobile Associations which contain all of the local information that you may need.
  10. The winter outlook is looking good for snowmobiling and we are looking forward to a great season! # # #

2019 Scholarship winner.

We are pleased to announce our scholarship winner for this year is Shyla Evig from Billings.

She was born and raised in Billings, MT. Graduated highschool at Billings Senior High School in 2018. Shyla is continuing her education at Montana State University Billings. She is majoring in Dental Hygiene with the intention of working in pediatric dentistry.

She currently works as a preventative dental assistant at Pediatric Dental Specialists in Billings. Her job consists of consulting with patients and their parents, taking x-rays, performing cleanings, and coding insurances.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with family and friends, jeeping, snowmobiling, and relaxing at their family cabin. Sixth months after she was born they strapped her in a car seat and took her hunting at the cabin in Checkerboard, MT. At age six she began driving my own snowmobile.

Having experienced the outdoors from a young age she has developed an appreciation for snowmobiles. Not only has she gained an appreciation for the outdoors, but also for a unified family that enjoys them together.

2019 Riding Convention

This years convention was hosted by the Great Falls Snowmobile Club. Dinner, awards and auction held at the Elks Club. This was also the kick-off for TransMontana.

Karl Jensen Groomer of the year. Jackpine Savages

John and Sharon Virgin, Snowmobile Family of the Year
Great Falls Snowmobile Club

2018 Summer Snowmobile meeting



The annual snowmobile meetings will take place the weekend of June 29-30, 2018, at Wingate By Wyndham, 2007 N.Oakes St., in Helena.


Friday Night (June 29th):


The Snowmobile Advisory Committee will hold a working meeting at the Wingate, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Committee members will review and discuss various aspects of this year’s snowmobile grant applications.  The public is welcome to attend.


Saturday (June 30th):


The Snowmobile Advisory Committee will hold its all-day “appropriations” meeting at The Wingate.  Coffee will be available at 9:00 a.m. The meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. Each Snowmobile Club will have the opportunity to give its annual report to the committee. Clubs are encouraged to keep their remarks to three or four minutes each as there are 26 clubs that must report.  The public is welcome to attend and the meeting is expected to adjourn at 2:30 or 3:00PM.  Lunch will be provided free of charge.


Saturday: (June 30th):


The Montana Snowmobile Association (MSA) will hold a Board of Directors Meeting immediately following the Appropriation Meeting at Wingate, beginning at 2:30 or 3:00 p.m.  Typically, this meeting lasts 2.5 hrs. The public and Snowmobile Clubs are encouraged to attend.


Rooms Being Held:


The Wingate will hold a block of rooms at the Government rate.  Please get them reserved early to take advantage of the reduced rate and availability.


Wingate By Wyndham: 2007 N. Oakes St.

Helena, Montana 59601

Phone: 406-449-3000

Toll Free: 866-300-7100

Repeal of Wilderness Study Act

Regarding the bill introduced by Senator Steve Daines to repeal Wilderness Study Act.


“On behalf of the Montana Snowmobile Association and the 30- plus grassroots clubs we represent across the State of Montana, we are excited to see Senator Daines’ bill move forward through the legislative process.  This has been decades in the making and just goes to show how the politics in Washington D. C. can cripple Montanans from recreating and enjoying our public lands. After 35 years, its finally time for Congress to release these areas that are not suitable for wilderness so there are less restrictions and we can increase access to our public lands.”

Jason Howell


Montana Snowmobile Assocation

ACSA DC Fly-in

Montana Snowmobile Association was happy to participate in the annual snowmobile Fly-in in Washington DC , April 22 thru 25th.

This was our 18th trek to Washington to Tell the Truth About Snowmobiling.

Our first day was spent attending our Western Chapter meeting, and the ACSA board meeting.  The next day we had a great day filled with speakers.  We were pleased to listen to Chief Tom Tidwell of the Forest Service, our friend and partner Christopher Douwes of the Federal Highway Administration, and other important agencies.  Our third day was our day on Capitol Hill.  We had meetings with Steve Daines personally, and staff from Jon Tester’s office, dropped an information packet at the office vacated by Ryan Zinke.

We are reminded each year how important our visits are.  We must stay in front of these people with our concerns for access. Christine Jourdain South Dakato Boys Tom Tidwell Christopher Douwes Crew at Tester’s office Cliff, Scott and Jason   Montana Coffee  Our guys, working together.

Annual Riding Convention and Banquet

Jason Howell and Scott Herzog

Jason Howell and Mary Herzog

Ron Albee and Jason Howell

Snow FUN

Cliff and Connie Walter, Mary Herzog

The Montana Snowmobile Association held their annual ride and banquet in Great Falls February 3rd and 4th.  The Great Falls Snowmobile Club hosted.

We had a great ride in the Kings Hill area on Saturday.  There were 3 separate groups, heading out in different directions.  Each group found some deep snow and had a fun ride.  In the afternoon we all met at the grooming shed for a wonderful chili feed, also put on by the Great Falls Snowmobile Club.

Awards were presented at the banquet.

Scott and Mary Herzog were presented awards for the many years of dedication to our sport.

  • Snowmobile Club of the year-   Missoula Snowgoers
  • Snowmobiler of the year-             Ron Albee- Lewistown
  • Dealer of the year-                         Missoula Arctic Cat
  • Groomer of the year           Allen Mikkelson- Little Belt  Club
  • Snowmobile Family of the year-        Cliff and Connie Walter