• The Blackfoot Clearwater Land Grab (BCSA) will designate an additional 80,000 acres of wilderness and stop all uses except foot and horseback.
  • Every year due to the forest plans and new designations we lose access to recreate on our public lands.
  • 67% of Federal public lands in Montana are closed or restricted in some way for mechanized and motorized use.
  • Total available federally managed public land in Montana is 17,172,138 acres (according to Forest service and BLM data.)
  • Only 6% of the population use 11,295,509 acres, these lands are not managed and allowed to burn by policy.
  • 3,433,038 acres of Wilderness 6,290,437 of roadless area
  • 1,572,094 acres of RMAs and WSAs (Fraudulent Wilderness)
  • 94% of the population can only use 5,876,569 acres of that over 17 million acres.
  • In the Seeley Lake Ranger district there are over 1000 miles of hiking and equestrian trails but less than 1 mile of Mechanized use trails See a Pattern? This is a huge imbalance for outdoor recreationalists.
  • From a previous non-bias survey, 52% of Montanans oppose any additional wilderness or restrictions in Montana’s National Forests. Only 32% support additional Wilderness or restrictions. (https:tinyurl.com/ yx927pen)
  • The push for this additional wilderness is funded by out of state donors visit www.greendecoys.com
  • Call Senators Jon Tester and Steve Daines, let them know we have enough wilderness and to Stop the Blackfoot Clearwater Land Grab (BCSA).
Senator Jon Tester: 406-723-3277 or email him at his website tester.senate.gov
Senator Steve Daines: 406-587-3446 or
email him at his website daines.senate.gov  

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